The consumables we provide are of the highest of quality available in the market today. We only deal with the best factories in the world having tested and approved them in our independent test laboratory in The Netherlands.

Our standard of quality and test methods are based on northwest European quality demand known for being one of the highest in the world! This task is continuously undertaken and systematically repeated to guarantee and improve our product and factories worldwide. The level of quality is far beyond the standard industry norm. Our products show a continuous default of less than 1%, comparing closely to OEM standards!

Contact us today for more information and order a set of samples to test and see for yourself!*

Our partner factories are located throughout the world in Europe, USA and Asia. We regularly visit and inspect them to improve and ensure the quality of our product and work place. Having daily contact with the production plants worldwide enables us to be ahead of competition and stay in touch with product development, innovations and new releases.

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